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DOMOFlashVideos's News

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - December 14th, 2008

You can see it here.

This follows our lovable shura friend, Chasm King, and the Sylph through their Christmas based adventure. Not much of an adventure, i just am not sure how to put it into words.
Watching it will be easier for me. Go do it.

I also am working on arranging something nice. It may have to be held off longer than i like though.

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - November 29th, 2008


So after a break from looking at this site (and my home in general) i'm back with episode 17.

Nothing new to really say at this point in time.

The xmas episode (Which is actually episode 8 but I felt it would be nice to skip it until the holiday season.) will come out as it gets closer to that time.

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - November 10th, 2008

---If you don't want to read everything just skip down a little to the important stuff---
The recent video, to put it simply, made me smile.
Recently there have been some downing on the videos. Although no huge complaints.

This one, i saw minimal complaints about. It made me happy. I've never personally cared much score wise, but while looking at some other scores, it made me realize how well it went.

Minimal complaints video wise. Great score (which i'll admit i didn't know that until last night). I almost am tempted to ask for someone to say some bad stuff about it here to make up for it (please don't).

On to important stuff.
Due to this i'm putting up the next video(16) now.
Which you can find here:

I don't want to put this up early, but this is the closest thing to a gift i can give.
17 will come out later in the month, then the one i skipped a while ago will come out for xmas. When that comes out i'll go over some details on what happens next, some old details i've gone over a few times (although the question always comes up) etc.

Once again thank you.

Clip from 17 below

Expectations Exceeded (And then some)

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - November 5th, 2008

I never did put the name here did i? Sorry about that.
It can be found here.

My illness went away a while back, just didn't feel it was important enough to come here to update on.

We are also nearing the end of these, more info on that stuff at a later date.

Clip from the next video below.

A Tournament for a Bride up

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - October 22nd, 2008

It is now up and here

I apologize for not being around lately (if anyone even noticed) I have been ill and today has been the first day I was able to walk around easily. Due to this I decided to put this up now just in case.

Before I go back to sleep, here is a clip from 15.

Next episode- Cinderella

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - October 13th, 2008

I guess i should put this up now.
I'm used to putting these clips up.

I really wish something would happen so I have something important to say, but it's been slow lately.

Oh well. Clip below.
Hint of the next video (well...actually it isn't much of a hint): Cinderella

Next Video Clip

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - October 4th, 2008

No actual new updates that are important.

Clip from 13 below.

I'll put up another one maybe next weekend. (This is mostly just a "sticky note" so to speak so i remember to put the other up...if that makes sense to anyone).

--Ok..clip was changed.
Nothing really new going on in the week. I said everything that needed to be said already.

~~Also the video can now be found here.

Double Also~ I've been playing this game like an unhealthy habit.

Preview of 13-Clip Updated

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - September 30th, 2008

First, next video soon. Most likely the end of this week/early next. Yes I'm going a week without putting two up at once. Why? Well that will be dealt with in the next section of this.
There will also be a second clip from the next video at the bottom of this (first one was in the post before).
Video can be found here now.
---This stuff people may find unimportant, but I wanted to say it. So feel free to skip it i will not blame you.---
Second. This is a little bit of explanation, may be lengthy
For those of you keeping track, the early videos were basically advertisements for the english publishers, and i will admit that. Eventually, I removed the links and placed them into news posts, telling people to find links in news posts. Then i ended up stopping to place links in news posts.

All of this leads up to this, I no longer have to do this at all. I even removed our website (which I don't think many people on this site could read).
I no longer have to stick to a deadline, the english publisher that had a deadline decided to not listen, so we are off that.

How does this effect you, and why am i telling it? It means i no longer am to a schedule that i have to put all the videos up by a certain time. I no longer have to be a "robot" around the site. Mostly i'm just putting the videos on the site as of two videos ago because i want too. I've already started freely choosing videos i like, commenting etc.
I will say, I was going to see how your forum was but....it scared me off slightly. Sorry about that.
Wrapped up: I'm free as a bird, as they say.

So the video releases will slow down (there aren't too many left...and i'm attempting to slow down).

Eventually I will be stopping at video 17, and then i'll be gone until christmas and placing our xmas video which i skipped. Then after that, when ever I get it done. Video 18 ( that ends the series) will be put up. It requires translation and editing, so when ever those details are worked out that will be up (although it won't take long if i don't forget).

(Although I don't like how MindChamber handles things(yet i still <3 him), he did remind me about something else to say) These were the outcome of us teaming up with the company called ItsCartoon. They did a great job putting the details of the game into videos and then some. So no, I as a person didn't do anything with this directly, the company did.

I'll see if i can explain anything better if asked, although this was just a quick

So that is done. I would have skipped over the long text myself.
New Clip below

~~Small updates.
Well the first one isn't so small. I found out last night that ItsCartoon finally has their site back up (sort of).

Second and small, king of the portal apparently. So i guess that's cool.

Next video, and some Status Updates

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - September 23rd, 2008

Well, that was an interesting break.

Got some things done, and I think some people may have enjoyed the lack of one of our videos.

This "madness day" also amused me for a while.

That being said the 11th video will be up later on tonight and below is a clip from video 12.
I decided to pick something random out of one of the scenes, this happened to be it.

----It is now up and can be found here.

The next news post or next one after that will include a lot of information regarding the status of these, and hopefully clearing up some questions in the process.
There have been changes, (I no longer need to place links to the English Publishers. They decided to go ahead of our schedule.)
I'm not longer on a dead line.
Etc. and So fourth.
All will be explained in the near future.
I'm mainly placing these as of two videos ago, on my own will.

Video 11 Up later tonight

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - September 16th, 2008

So as said the 10th video is still going up tuesday.
It isn't directly related too the third video (Bull's "Meteor Garden") but it is sort of after it if you were to have a time line of the videos. So I suggest watching it to understand it.

Now onto the schedule change, again. For those of you that are keeping track (If anyone. I love you by the way) a while back I mentioned being put on a tighter deadline for reasons i can't say at the time being so i started putting out two a week-ish. Well I personally think I made enough "head room" so to speak so i'm going back to the one a week schedule.

I would not expect another video until the usual weekly update days (thursday-saturday) of next week since I have some things to do. I'll still be around, just no video updates until then.

I believe that is all.

Also clip from 11 below.
(I find it hard to show a clip of this one and not ruin the video)

Schedule Change (Again)