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Schedule Change (Again)

2008-09-16 16:26:54 by DOMOFlashVideos

So as said the 10th video is still going up tuesday.
It isn't directly related too the third video (Bull's "Meteor Garden") but it is sort of after it if you were to have a time line of the videos. So I suggest watching it to understand it.

Now onto the schedule change, again. For those of you that are keeping track (If anyone. I love you by the way) a while back I mentioned being put on a tighter deadline for reasons i can't say at the time being so i started putting out two a week-ish. Well I personally think I made enough "head room" so to speak so i'm going back to the one a week schedule.

I would not expect another video until the usual weekly update days (thursday-saturday) of next week since I have some things to do. I'll still be around, just no video updates until then.

I believe that is all.

Also clip from 11 below.
(I find it hard to show a clip of this one and not ruin the video)

Schedule Change (Again)


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2008-09-16 17:34:37

Ooh. A turtle.

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Yes turtles are fun.


2008-09-16 17:44:23

Dude... take all the time you need... with flash as good as yours, Tom is going to need more than a month until he takes you're flash off the front page!


2008-09-16 21:35:51

hey dude, i like these alot. i wish i could read japenese though. :'( *went to your website* so confusing. @-@


2008-09-16 23:00:43

I love them. The style is just so quirky and Japanese-ish and I get all the pop culture reference! Also they don't have "Awesome" in their titles so big points!


2008-09-17 05:59:48

I'm pretty amazed that you do these this frequently.

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Well they were already made a while back...
Through us and ItsCartoon


2008-09-17 06:30:19

verry thank you for the video :D


2008-09-17 19:18:24

I patiently wait for the next one.


2008-09-18 12:55:12

Wonderful animations. The stories are simple and cute, and the animations certainly match that style. I look forward to what joyous fun you'll create with a turtle!
Have fun!

-HFX ^_^


2008-09-19 06:20:45

i usually hate this kind of adveristment...

(Updated ) DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Well for the first few videos it was advertisement, then i started to decrease it and just put links in the news posts. Then I just stopped all together a little while ago.
-Which I'll most likely explain in the near future.


2008-09-21 03:14:40

I have a quesion: Does it have guns?

DOMOFlashVideos responds:



2008-09-21 07:23:38

just a note to say that your works are so awsome. i look forward to each chapter.