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Video 9 is now up.

2008-09-11 19:29:34 by DOMOFlashVideos

Well that short week is about over and video 9 is now up and can be found here.

I have nothing new to say this week other than that right now, so have fun.

Clip from 10 below (11 now)
(10 is short...with the main point being sort of a continuation of the Third Video, Bull's "Meteor Garden", so I may have just ruined the surprise for you)

Update, Some what: It's too late to put 10 here sunday. So it will be up on tuesday.
After that I'm going back to the old one a week schedule. I'll change the clip below to episode 11 later.

Leaving Episode 8 Behind until xmas

2008-09-08 17:25:11 by DOMOFlashVideos

In the last news post I changed it to show a scene from episode 8.
It was xmas themed.

Now I was placed in a stricter deadline for putting these on newgrounds, but I just can't do that.
Holidays should stay with holidays.

That being said video 8 will be skipped and 9 will take it's spot.
This isnt anything important, but i think i should mention it so people don't wonder why it skipped from 7 to 9.
I'd expect 8 to be put up (on newgrounds that is) around xmas. I'm hoping to still be able to do that then.

I think that may be all I have to say right now.
Other than I'm not sure when i'm putting 9 up.

Clip from 9 below

On something unrelated. I usually don't poke around games that much.
I stumbled across the Reemus games. I'm a sucker for games like that.

Leaving Episode 8 Behind until xmas

Sixth is Out, Seven up now too

2008-09-04 19:49:47 by DOMOFlashVideos

Ok the sixth video is being uploaded as i type this. It's pretty darn short to be honest, at least in my opinion.
The seventh video is longer and will be up Sunday...

Ok Seventh is up.

I was informed of something that one of the english publishers want to do..
Meaning I now have a tighter deadline to put all of these on newgrounds.

This is good for you, as you get to see them faster.
Yet bad for me due to ruining my plans..

So what this means is, videos will be released two at a time, or one, then another released a day or two later. Then the week wait.

So some of you can celebrate if you wish.

So as a Hint until i put the Sixth one up (which should be soon either today or tomorrow) the title is The Death of a Bot. Someone on the Game Decided to Bot...some.. "Higher power" steps in..... The Sixth is also pretty short. Which is why I don't feel "as bad" releasing two in a row.

--------Unimportant Things below---------
English Versions of DOMO

Picture changed to show Video Number 8.
Yes it's Xmas themed and I would love to hold it off until christmas but due to the new sped up schedule i'm forced to go by, skipping it isn't possible.

I'd also like to take the time while i'm here to point out something I did when I first started putting these on this site. These videos are not being made as we go, they were actually made before-hand.
I'm not going to go into detail, If you want detail you can message me in private.
I just felt the urge to say this again due to that question coming up recently by a few people.

Thank you for your interest.

Sixth is Out, Seven up now too

Fourth Video Is now up ~~~Fifth Video Now Too

2008-08-27 22:20:29 by DOMOFlashVideos

UPDATE~ The fifth video has been put up..
It's a very short video, and not as good when it comes to the others so far (in my opinion). I'm trying not to put them up very often as I am..but..I want to get the ones I dislike out of the way. I'm not supposed to but I still try.

Well I actually was supposed to put this up on Saturday of this week or next, i decided to not follow that.
1. I don't like schedules
2. This is one of my personal favorites.

So i decided to go ahead and put it up a bit early.
You can find it here.

English Versions of DOMO

I was thinking about this though. The next video, is fairly short. As well as the one after that. They also are a little "iffy". But I was thinking of maybe delaying an extra week then putting them both up at the same time.
I'll think about it.

------Image changed to show one from the sixth video instead of fifth.

Fourth Video Is now up ~~~Fifth Video Now Too

Third Video is up.

2008-08-21 01:11:35 by DOMOFlashVideos

Third video is up and can be found here

I'm not a fan of this one due to the short length, although it does introduce something good.

The date hasn't been chosen for the releases. Although we will be putting them here on either any day between thursday-saturday. So if we (I say we so I don't get in trouble for it) don't have one up, try again next week.

So that means we ( I ) will try to get them up when possible, if I forget i won't put one up until the next week. One of those three days.

----Unimportant Stuff in marked off area---------
English Versions of DOMO

Also here is a clip (Non story-board this time) from the next video(As well as my personal favorite).

Third Video is up.

DOMO(Dream of Mirror Online) Second Video!

2008-08-16 04:11:04 by DOMOFlashVideos

((Please refer to the first news post for basic information, including the different DOMO sites. It includes the two english publishers.

The second video is up, early. We were very happy with the success of the first video we put the second up. Even though the rest of the videos will not be released as often as these were, we felt it would make a nice present.
Since both videos intertwine to a point, be sure to watch both of them (Although it isn't needed)

Love of a Shura Male (First) -

Mooncake Thief (Second) -

We thank you for your support.

Update: Not much of an update, but I decided to add one of the scenes from the story board of the second episode. It isn't much(Mainly since you can just watch the second episode), but it's something to put here.

DOMO(Dream of Mirror Online) Second Video!