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2008-10-13 12:28:49 by DOMOFlashVideos

I guess i should put this up now.
I'm used to putting these clips up.

I really wish something would happen so I have something important to say, but it's been slow lately.

Oh well. Clip below.
Hint of the next video (well...actually it isn't much of a hint): Cinderella

Next Video Clip


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2008-10-13 12:35:32

There is a Chinese version of Cinderella?

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

The Cinderella stories are more popular than you think.


2008-10-13 12:43:12

But the Disney Version vs the Original?

Cause the original Little Mermaid by Charles Christian Anderson was tragic...

DIsney sugar-coated it.

(Updated ) DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Well, our version pulls away from the actual girl, focuses more on the guy that finds the slipper.
I don't want to spoil the entire video..
Not that anything important was said. I think.


2008-10-13 20:38:58

looks like im first to say that your KOTP

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Not really.
They have been saying that since the first day of the month.
*points back a few news posts*
Well.. I guess you are the first to say it on this one. So it counts.

*looks at time*.
I've been having good timing on checking a lot of things today.


2008-10-16 21:48:09

OMFG I love your movies Brah! Perfect!


2008-10-17 05:44:11

hahah, nice "hint". i have no idea what it's gonna be about! xD


2008-10-17 17:55:51

i was teh first to say your king of the portal ^_^
95688kage i'm afraid you epic phailed =[


2008-10-17 21:54:14

your king of da portal congrats


2008-10-20 04:05:13

Wow man, all I have to say is that the screenshot above looks very gorgeous. Can't wait to see the actual product.


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