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Video 11 Up later tonight

2008-09-23 20:50:15 by DOMOFlashVideos

Well, that was an interesting break.

Got some things done, and I think some people may have enjoyed the lack of one of our videos.

This "madness day" also amused me for a while.

That being said the 11th video will be up later on tonight and below is a clip from video 12.
I decided to pick something random out of one of the scenes, this happened to be it.

----It is now up and can be found here.

The next news post or next one after that will include a lot of information regarding the status of these, and hopefully clearing up some questions in the process.
There have been changes, (I no longer need to place links to the English Publishers. They decided to go ahead of our schedule.)
I'm not longer on a dead line.
Etc. and So fourth.
All will be explained in the near future.
I'm mainly placing these as of two videos ago, on my own will.

Video 11 Up later tonight


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2008-09-25 10:23:25