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A Tournament for a Bride up

2008-11-05 16:24:58 by DOMOFlashVideos

I never did put the name here did i? Sorry about that.
It can be found here.

My illness went away a while back, just didn't feel it was important enough to come here to update on.

We are also nearing the end of these, more info on that stuff at a later date.

Clip from the next video below.

A Tournament for a Bride up


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2008-11-05 16:54:05

Outstanging. How do you do it >.<
Good work though :-)


2008-11-05 17:02:53

You have only uploaded 14 movies. Why is this one called Number 15?

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

The xmas one was skipped. I felt it would be out of place to put it up at the time.


2008-11-05 21:33:21

Just out of curiosity though, are you japanese or chinese? Because it could be Mandarin characters or Kanji from Japanese. I can't tell >.<".


2008-11-05 23:48:11

Good to know you're feeling well... cant wait to see the Xmas one.

6th-sage; I think by the way the words look... I believe it's Korean so he's Korean but I could be wrong.


2008-11-05 23:54:32

No way he's korean, I speak Chinese and Japanese and I can read both proficiently. The characters makes sense to be both. Korean is a bit different. Go look at Sambazka's profile and you'll see.

But from the look of his works, and style - I'm betting he's Chinese. I mean, what country celebrates the Moon Festival besides Chinese people?

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

You get a prize.
Well. Not an actual prize.
Go buy yourself something nice is what i'm getting at here.

You are correct.


2008-11-06 10:20:33

Cool, any chance you read any of the %u6B66%u4FE0%u5C0F%u8AAA? Is that where you got your one-yang finger (%u4E00%u967D%u6307) idea from? Tell me if you can't read any of the Chinese characters.


2008-11-06 10:21:29

Hmm... doesn't look like it accepts Chinese characters. Ever heard of Jing Yung and his martial arts novels? In chinese.... um... wu xia novels. Those kick ass. XD


2008-11-06 11:27:18

I enjoyed that so much


2008-11-06 11:43:38

lmao good flash keep it up ;)


2008-11-06 22:30:20

Eh, C'est barbant. <---French, btw, so you can translate.

It's ok for a while, but it gets kinda old.

I like it overall though.


2008-11-07 00:32:18

Ni Hao. Ni shi bu shi zhong gua ren?


2008-11-07 21:34:56

Well, you're chinese, but you're using traditional characters instead of simplified. So, I don't think you're from China, nor from Singapore. The only two countries left using the traditional characters of chinese are Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I'm Taiwanese btw.