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Entry #16

Christmas Nightmare Up

2008-12-14 22:15:02 by DOMOFlashVideos

You can see it here.

This follows our lovable shura friend, Chasm King, and the Sylph through their Christmas based adventure. Not much of an adventure, i just am not sure how to put it into words.
Watching it will be easier for me. Go do it.

I also am working on arranging something nice. It may have to be held off longer than i like though.


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2008-12-14 22:45:44

Arranging something nice?


DOMOFlashVideos responds:

It isn't actually a secret.
I just don't talk about it in detail.


2008-12-15 23:19:31

domo collab.

DOMOFlashVideos responds:



2008-12-17 22:00:08

Nice stuff


2008-12-26 23:03:20

congrats on king of da portal
not that anyone notices those....


2008-12-29 01:01:25 need help.....
oh and gratz on being crowned king of the portal
i say you should have a good ol' riverdance on top of a picture of picos face to celebrate....yeah.......


2009-01-01 06:41:00

me and you should collab


2009-01-26 10:00:21

hey its been a while since you made the christmas episode.. are you goin to make more? just checking...

also.. if you want an idea.. you could make a movie of the lizard man or whatever he is... the guy in green skin... tries to get his gf to get married.


2009-01-26 14:25:40

awesome episode. love this series so much. looking forward to the next installment, can't wait. any hints as to when it will be ready? ^_^


2009-02-04 08:54:08

can you tell us a hint at least?


2009-06-28 19:54:00

I really like your videos, are you going to do more episodes?? I hope so =) love the Shura boy


2011-06-04 01:07:43

You left ;_ ;


2011-06-16 08:39:52

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