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Expectations Exceeded (And then some)

2008-11-10 22:02:11 by DOMOFlashVideos

---If you don't want to read everything just skip down a little to the important stuff---
The recent video, to put it simply, made me smile.
Recently there have been some downing on the videos. Although no huge complaints.

This one, i saw minimal complaints about. It made me happy. I've never personally cared much score wise, but while looking at some other scores, it made me realize how well it went.

Minimal complaints video wise. Great score (which i'll admit i didn't know that until last night). I almost am tempted to ask for someone to say some bad stuff about it here to make up for it (please don't).

On to important stuff.
Due to this i'm putting up the next video(16) now.
Which you can find here:

I don't want to put this up early, but this is the closest thing to a gift i can give.
17 will come out later in the month, then the one i skipped a while ago will come out for xmas. When that comes out i'll go over some details on what happens next, some old details i've gone over a few times (although the question always comes up) etc.

Once again thank you.

Clip from 17 below

Expectations Exceeded (And then some)


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2008-11-10 22:04:12


DOMOFlashVideos responds:



2008-11-10 22:13:05

what a twist


2008-11-10 22:17:02

How do you make such awesome backgrounds!??


2008-11-10 22:37:08

yep... cool...
nice persecution.. good graphics as always...
and interesting story... was funny (ok... maybe a little strange... but i laugh a lot, honestly)


2008-11-10 22:56:13

I love your backgrounds !!

I didn't watch it yet, but maybe I will :]


2008-11-11 02:10:18

By far my favorite.


2008-11-11 03:39:59

The only thing I can think of is that the bull falls in love with the male warrior a lot, which are usually the endings of the flashes as well (3, 10, 14 and now in 16 as well), which gets a little unoriginal.
Apart from that, I love the flashes. I've checked out the game itself (thanks to you), and I see a lot of resemblences, yet every flash has a completely different story.
Keep up the good work!


2008-11-11 06:16:41

i saw you guys featured on coldhardflash once
you do great work


2008-11-11 08:06:28

I always thought that one learns more from the negative feedback than the fanboy reviews.

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Well thats why i asked for it.
I assumed the "please don't" would make people do it here.

Apparently not.


2008-11-11 12:36:18

you want us to put it down a little?
well I can understand a little about thinking you maybe getting a little egotistical or something like that, but come on lets face it, you have gotten a style and a story telling ability thats working, and compaired to thr rest of the poorly done sumbission on newgrounds, this is a drink of clean water from a land that usualy flows a constant tap of sewage.
I am personally to the pont I only have to see your name on it and it's favorited before I even watch the film. And as a probider of such quality entertainment I have become to expect such work from you, I'm sorry if this applies a lot more pressure than intended. but with your level of popularity, it's bound to happen.
If you want some one to give it a tough review, Ican try, but again, the art is solid and the short stories are wonderful, so to find something bad about it is rather challenging.
Ok as some one who cannot read another language that well, but then again I hardly pay any attention to english either, some of the signes are well rather confusing. You defeat this problem threw your characters emotions and some universally understood symbols. but here in the last few films I have not noticed any proper emotion or symbols. some times, thanks to exposure to this level of diffrent cultures, I can usually figure it out, but then their are those like my newborn nephew and my 7 year old cousin, who cannot understand what is going on. so do a little study over your cahracters expressions.
also look at toy accents, their pushed pretty far, but as my animation teachers say "when you think you pushed it far enough, push it another 10 feet." basically over the top helps in most cases. Although in this piticular style, Accents are done a bid diffrently, so increasing the accent is again, more challenging.
As for story telling, the no speach works great, since their is a huge language barrier all over the world, the less you have to actually say the better, but this again comes back to the proper expressions. But as for the stories, things have gotten a little dry. At one point the story seemed to be the point of view of a player playing a MMO, but at other times it just seems to be fairy tails ripped from the kids book. it's not a majot point, but it's something to think about. also your cast of characters, add mroe, I notice you've been slowly adding more and more characters, but you don't want to cut yourself off from potental stories bt not having enough characters. Perhaps you should assemble a flash where you showcase all your charactrs with some backround information perhaps some pose art, game screen shots, the works, maybe even hold a contest for your fans to give you artwork to go in to the flash in a sketch book section. and doing something like this can help alot when you have someone new discover your flashes and and want to look up some information over the characters. A animation book of this sort would only serve to help you I'm sure.
On to the music. some of your music is well, ripped. Now understand I'm now looking at this from a copyrite"©" point of view. Personally I think the music you choose works really well with the scene you place it in. but you may want to look in to some royalty free music or start to mix your own, so far I have descovered Acid, and Sound Forge to be pretty good starting programs, along with grageband and protools. also maybe a few more sond effects to inhace the expearence.
you obvisouly have an eye, an ear, a mind , and hands for flash animation. I mean your either naturally talented or worked your ass off for years getting to this point, so please carry on and don't put your self down too much, your deserve the prase you get.

so will that do for now, I'm trying to do this the best I can and take a couple diffrent views here, and I hope they help you out in the end, good luck to you my friend

DOMOFlashVideos responds:

I should have kept scrolling before responding to the luis fellow


2008-11-11 13:22:23

tl;dr @ the guy that posted before me.


2008-11-12 17:19:05

Man, i always feel so bad when ever i read your posts, sometimes you make it sound like nobody cares, and while ill admit most of the newgrounders have the attention span of a safety pin, there are still some that have an IQ about room temperature(which is about 78 degrees farenhight) and find most of the things you have to say interesting. Though i will say ive had a feelings like that before when you work long on making an interesting post, or leave a cool video and they bypass it and say,"was up?" but w.e, back to YOUR post. I thought number 16 was great, though i will say i saw the ending comming. Funny all the way through, but the ending just didnt hit it off for me.The animation was great as always, i think it could use a little bit more frames, but maybe its just your style, either way is fine with me.
Also cant wait for 17 and the xmas episode, catch ya l8ter


2008-11-12 22:48:40

okay, my critiqes

-youre a little too reliant on tweening, althoguh you do make it look good I would like to see more fbf .

-your characters emotions are more "stock" emotions, its like you have one set of emotions which you use repeatily .

- this goes with my last point, but the character development in alot of the films , is lacking I get this is suppose to be a comedy though.

-try being more suttle with your characters, sometimes a character doing nothing at all communicates more then the more powerful emotion.


2008-11-13 10:39:03

MMore? WANT MORE!! >:F


2008-11-14 16:32:08

ur flashes does always make my day by cheering me up :) Keep em coming ^^


2008-11-14 19:32:53



2008-11-16 18:17:14

glad to here you got mininam complaints on this episode, NG apreciate talent.

Maybe you could pass all our good compliments to the actual artists, as Im sure they would love to hear the praise and maybe use that as motivation.

take care!

(Updated ) DOMOFlashVideos responds:

Already working on it.
Although, I do feel the urge to correct your statement once again, but it is ignored each time. Making it not worth it to explain.

Thank you for those kinds of comments. They were missed. (No sarcasm intended)


2008-11-16 18:19:10

What will the last video be for the whole series?


2008-11-21 14:53:09

wow... loads of videos in one year.. and all with great graphics! whats next i should say? oh ya.. YOU GOT LOADS OF REWARDS IN ALL YOUR VIDEOS! :O