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Leaving Episode 8 Behind until xmas

Posted by DOMOFlashVideos - September 8th, 2008

In the last news post I changed it to show a scene from episode 8.
It was xmas themed.

Now I was placed in a stricter deadline for putting these on newgrounds, but I just can't do that.
Holidays should stay with holidays.

That being said video 8 will be skipped and 9 will take it's spot.
This isnt anything important, but i think i should mention it so people don't wonder why it skipped from 7 to 9.
I'd expect 8 to be put up (on newgrounds that is) around xmas. I'm hoping to still be able to do that then.

I think that may be all I have to say right now.
Other than I'm not sure when i'm putting 9 up.

Clip from 9 below

On something unrelated. I usually don't poke around games that much.
I stumbled across the Reemus games. I'm a sucker for games like that.

Leaving Episode 8 Behind until xmas

Comments (10)

Looks great :) I smell next "King of the Portal."

Sounds interesting

I absolutely love this flash series. You definitely will be King of the Portal.


Ok u said that all these where made a while ago so 2 questions

1: how many episodes r there?

2: Y not just show then all at once?

1. 17
There are 18 technically but ill go over that privately if anyone is interested.

2. that is boring thats why.

Why aren't you doing cartoons on the TV? You're better than most TV animators in my opinion.

how many episodes are there made? also, i dont like your name, you almost sound like an automated machine...

I am a robot.
Beep Bop.

I can't wait for the next one!

17/18 videos! Wow! I've only seen up to seven so I guess I'll have to go watch the others now (no great hardship there).

The 18th is the final video in the series.

is there a "subscribe button" here somewhere?

coz if there is, i'd definitely subscribe YOUR videos :) !

who created these video? like whos the artist?

I do hope you don't mind I sent you a Private Message.

why do you have a link to the non english server when promoting these cartoons to an english site?

Most members of this site do not speak english (as this is an english site). Meaning they will not be able to play our version correctly.

When I saw we could only have one site, I put our main site there. This prevents looking biased in the event a member of staff from one of the english publishers sees this.

I personally have stopped promoting sites as much, but that isn't the question i believe.

Make flash review bonko!!